Friends, petrol heads, and you muddy off road lot lingering at the back! A very warm welcome to our new website…..

I have to admit that our web presence has been sorely lacking for a while now, and it’s something we’ve been working hard to fix. We wanted somewhere interesting, exciting, and easy to use for everyone to come and find out more about what’s going on here at ProSpeed HQ. And I think we’ve done it! We’re really happy with the way the new site’s ended up, but we’re not finished yet!

We’re busy busy busy at the moment, on all fronts, with loads going on – we’re off to Rally GB, the final round of the WRC this week, with Amy Williams our Skeleton Bob Gold medalist turned International Co-Driver, and stalwart driver and PR machine Tony Jardine. We’ve got a few new and exciting product announcements coming up, a quick video of some testing of a bright pink Off Road Race Buggy we just finished re-designing and building for next year’s season, some exciting new production machinery to whom we’ve given a name, more about that later! And loads more to come with the site itself.

Our amazing web monkeys, sorry gurus, are coding away right now in fact, making more cool things for our super duper new site – there’ll be new bits arriving through the proverbial ‘ether’ left right and centre over the coming months – a shop, more news, more blogs, more results, more information about what we do, in fact….if it’s got anything to do with wheels or an engine, there’ll be more of it coming right here!

So sit back, grab a cuppa, push off your slippers, put your feet up in front of the fire, unfurl your iPad (other tablet devices are available but are worse) and tuck in to some vehicular website goodness. Unless you’re at work of course, that would be embarrassing if you got all the way there in your slippers!

Most of all though, remember to come back soon to check in on us, and if you need anything, just prod one of the buttons on the right, that should get our attention!