Bring your car to Prospeed and unlock its true performance potential. Our pedigree in motorsport, our skilled technicians and all the latest equipment – hardware and software – combine to get the very best out of your car.

We tailor each tune to achieve exactly what you want from your car and use the specific knowledge we’ve gained from mapping cars for the rigours of motorsport.

Prospeed’s tuning service is designed to deliver:

  • More power
  • More torque
  • Better fuel economy
  • Map for life

And we are so confident in the results we deliver that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee. And in addition our £1M insurance policy against any damage accidentally caused by our maps, gives you complete confidence and peace of mind.

We can also tune your road car to maximise the potential not available on ex-works models. Driven by the need to keep emissions down, have cars run on lowest grade fuels, and keep them within specific tax bands, the true potential performance of new cars is capped. We have the ability to lift the cap that restricts those performance levels and improve them significantly.

When you go ahead with a re-mapping or tuning service from Propseed and follow this in the future with a further performance upgrade, such as an exhaust, we will re-map your car free of charge to take advantage of that exhaust. With each upgrade we invest the necessary time – often several hours – to carry out the re-map at absolutely no charge to you. You can be assured that your vehicle will always be performing at optimum capacity.

And now for something completely different……….we offer you the Prospeed handheld map reader which enables you to read your own map in your car. We have a choice of two different tunes, which you can upload into your car whenever you want. You could have a track day map and a fast road map, or an economy map for motorway driving, and a power map. You can revert back to your standard map at any point.