We’re all a bit excited here at ProSpeed HQ. In reality it’s a little thing, but for us it’s a bit of a milestone!

We’ve got a shiny new double page advert in this months Land Rover Owner International magazine! And we’re proud of it. It feels like seeing your child in the school play, and they’re even better than you wanted them to be!

For us it marks getting our new product designs fettled, production sorted, quality control in place, and everything ready to deliver the best gear we can possibly make.

For you, we hope it marks an introduction to the world of ProSpeed. An open door to come and explore more about us, a snippet of what is to come and what we’re about.

For more info on our Off Road products, have a gander at our Off Road Shop.

So, to get the ‘full impact’, go and buy the June issue of Land Rover Owner International, it’s a great mag, and we’re in it! For now though, here’s a little preview:

PRO4048 DPS Advert