ProSpeed, the UK’s leading automotive engineering outfit, has launched its new brand identity, with the company logo featuring the fastest animal on Earth – the peregrine falcon.

Developing and manufacturing products for the adventurer, ProSpeed produces the best upgrades available for motorsport, road and off-road vehicles.

Unveiling a reinvigorated look is all part of developing a stronger brand that truly reflects the ethos and infinite engineering capabilities of ProSpeed.

ProSpeed stands for excellence in pioneering technology, precision, speed, and adventure – with no boundaries. The new logo is a peregrine falcon as this is the fastest animal in the world, living on the edge of what is physically possible – across many continents and terrains.

Olly Marshall, ProSpeed’s Managing Director, comments, “ProSpeed has expanded and evolved greatly over the last 18 months, with a host of newly designed products ready to launch later this year. We are entering a new era as we grow along with our product offering, and we needed an aspirational brand identity to really portray who we are, and what we do. ProSpeed is all about precision, speed, and adventure.”

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